What I’m Reading

Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton

The Naked God
by Peter F. Hamilton

A 1300 page behemoth that completes the Night’s Dawn trilogy. The detail, depth of characters and foresight needed to create the massive landscape and intertwining plots is awesome in the biblical sense of the word. If you’re into science fiction I cannot recommend this enough.

What I’m Listening to

This is Jack Johnson on Spotify

This is Jack Johnson on Spotify


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After a month long detox from social media and most technological distractions I’m changing the way I share my life online. I’ve deleted Instagram and whittled down my Facebook friends to family and close friends only. I’ll be using Facebook to keep up with everyone on my friends list, but I’ll only be sharing my life on this blog. The creative freedom, lack of ads and long format allow me to express complete ideas and share myself in a much deeper way with those closest to me.


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Improve Diet – Reduce grains and sugar, Increase legumes and lean meat


No Buy Summer (May 1 – Aug 31)
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