My Not to Buy List

I suffer from chronic consumption. The thrill of the research, the fancy ads and compelling descriptions are enticing beyond all other worldly compulsions. In April I attempted a no-buy month where I didn’t purchase any new personal items. I did…okay. I basically waited until May 1st to buy the things I had been putting off all month – namely some dry wick t-shirts and a new water bottle for work.
My latest challenge is a no-buy summer where I will continue the challenge and not just put off buying stuff until the end of the challenge. Throughout the summer I will be listing all the things I want to buy here and make them off limits both during and after the challenge. The idea is that by putting it in writing and sharing it with my friends and family I will be less likely to slip up.
  • Gray shoelaces
  • Patagonia Swimsuit
  • Another pair of Patagonia khakis
  • A third pair of Merrell shoes
  • Light Brown wingtip shoes
  • Quarter-zip Patagonia pullover
  • Yakima car top storage
  • Reusable chopsticks
  • Bowling shoes
  • Slim leather wallet
  • Double ENO Hammock
  • Yeti Cooler Block
  • Wisconsin license plate frame
  • Yeti travel mug (that fits in a cup holder)
  • Eno doublenest hammock (with a wild pattern)

If you need some support for your own shopping addiction I would be happy to help. Send me your email and Amazon password and I’ll keep it safely hidden from you. Not really, I’ll probably just buy new socks. Keep your passwords to yourself.